Wood Type Printing

With a 120-year-old printing press, our unique historic fonts, carved slabs of wood, ink, and American-made paper, we are stepping back to step forward with a game changing way for downtown businesses and neighborhoods to stand out through the uniqueness of authentic hand printing.

Authentic woodblock letterpress printed posters each have a uniqueness of their own from how they are hand created, providing a way for your event to stand out from mainstream poster designs. Our posters not only catch attention, but they also correlate with the unique architectural brand of historic buildings and downtown neighborhoods, by using our recreated historic fonts and heritage-influenced designs that strongly reinforce a sense of place.

Competitively priced, our posters provide a significant advantage for downtown neighborhoods that are seeking to standout with unique and creative marketing for successful events. To learn more about our hand printed woodblock posters and to explore how they can contribute to strengthening your downtown’s event marketing, contact us at info@storefont.com.

Special Woodblock Printed Posters for Home Workspaces, and Home Classrooms

It has been over a century since Main Streets, downtown neighborhoods, and communities have experienced a pandemic of our current scale. With so many of us utilizing home workspaces, in addition to home schooling, Storefont is creating special woodblock printed posters to commemorate these times in which the world stopped, and suddenly business casual meant wearing pajamas.

We hope these special woodblock printed posters bring a smile to your face, and through each purchase, a smile to the face of others; as 25% of each sale will be donated to help those experiencing food insecurity.

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