Architectural Branding

In the last half of the twentieth century, downtown property owners attempted to “modernize” their buildings in an attempt to compete with shopping centers and strip malls. During these attempts, historic storefronts and buildings facades were often covered up with modern materials, time-proven historic commercial signage strategies for engaging customers were lost, and the identity of downtown business and neighborhoods were lost.

Today, historic downtowns are in a revival as customers seek experiences that cannot be found with online markets. Downtowns that had begun to fade in the last decades of the twentieth century, are now coming back to life as customers choose unique experiential establishments to dine, shop, and live.

To strengthen the architectural brand of your downtown building and storefront, we provide direct consultation to business and property owners, hands-on educational programming for downtown organizations, and affordable custom sign kits that use our exclusive historic fonts.

Our signs kits allow business owners to create unique and bespoke painted signage that will stand out to customers, and contribute to the building and neighborhood’s architectural brand. Each sign kit features your choice of our exclusive historic fonts, and free design consultation by our team.

Once you approve of the sign proofs we submit to you in the design consultation process, we quickly create your sign kit and send it in the mail along with application tools, the adhesive custom stencil, an apron with pockets for protecting your clothes as you paint your sign, and step-by-step detailed instructions.

With your order of a sign kit, we’ll also provide a complementary logo of your business name in one of our fonts via a digital file that you can use for business cards, merchandise tags, your website, or social media marketing; this is our way of helping you contribute to creating a brand for your business. As you create your sign, feel welcome to connect with us for friendly and expert support!

Already have a logo and fonts for your business? Are you seeking to create a unique painted sign to stand out to potential customers? Contact us to discuss whether your logo can be developed into one of our affordable sign kits to have an economical painted sign for your business.

Small Sign Kit Package:

Our small sign kit package is perfect if you are planning to create a hanging sign, storefront window signage, or a sidewalk sandwich board. We recommend this kit for signs up to 6 square feet.

Price: $95.00, plus shipping.

Sign Wording
Selected Font or Fonts

Medium Sign Kit Package 

For entrepreneurs who are planning to create a storefront sign board that is mounted flush on the building, or for greater window sign coverage, then the Medium Sign Kit package could be a good fit your business signage. The Medium Sign Kit is recommended for sign square footage up to 12 square feet.

Price: $145.00, plus shipping.

Sign Wording
Fonts Selected

Large Sign Kit Package:

Perfect for businesses that occupy a large building, or are needed to attract potential customers from a distance, this is the sign kit for you. This package covers up to 24 square feet.

Price: $195.00, plus shipping.

Sign Wording
Fonts Selected

If you need a sign larger than this, please contact us at for a free custom quote and consultation.