More than a Logo

Downtown branding is connected to space. As a result, your downtown building is a crucial element in how your business is perceived by potential customers. Think about it for a moment—if you have your choice between having drinks with friends at an establishment that has a rehabilitated storefront, or an establishment that has its storefront windows blocked in with plywood, which would you choose? It’s the same with retail—a business with painted creative signage that correlates with its building is likely going to draw more potential customers than one with a sagging mildewed vinyl banner.

As a growing number of customers seek unique spaces for experiential shopping and dining, architectural branding is a way to potentially stand out from your competition and engage customers. Signage is an economical way to connect your brand with your space, in addition to creating a flow between the exterior of your building and the interior. The more you impact those who visit your store with a positive experience, the more likely they are to personally refer your business to others, or return to spend additional time in your establishment. Learn more on how to develop your business, or downtown’s, architectural brand by connecting with Storefont for expert assistance.