The Vibrancy of Historic Paint Pigments

Period paint manuals from the 19th century state there was a wide variety of processed and unprocessed earth pigments available for creating paint for signs and architectural applications. Natural pigments and ochers were found in shades of red, brown, green, and yellow. Oxides, as pictured in this blog post, could be man-made from natural elements to create colors such as ultramarine blue, viridian, lemon yellow, and titanium white. When mixed with a liquid like linseed oil and other ingredients, these pigments were transformed into paint for business signs that stood out to potential customers. The paints we encourage for our sign kits are based off of paint colors that were found in the 19th century that will complement the architecture of your historic building, and add to the destination draw of your unique downtown neighborhood. Connect with us today to discuss creating a vibrant sign in the range of period colors to help your locally owned business stand out.