We Couldn’t Afford a Sign

Many times, new entrepreneurs invest the majority of their funds into important business needs like products, equipment, and furnishings; with little being left over for engaging storefront signage. This common occurrence takes place across America, in big cities, small rural communities, and even for start-ups that have led to millionaire success. An example is Chip and Joanna Gaines from the hit HGTV show “Fixer Upper.”

In 2003 as they launched their new start-up, a tiny retail store named Magnolia, they had limited funds for a sign. Joanna wrote in an Instagram post: “The sign on the original building was what [Chip] surprised me with when he found out we couldn’t afford a real sign.” That handmade sign is pictured in this blog post. Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t as fortunate to have a design background.

All too often homemade signage is crudely painted, lacks scale, or is a temporary vinyl banner that soon weathers and sags. This type of under-signage does little for contributing to drawing customers to a business, or a neighborhood. This is one of the reasons why Storefont was created, to assist entrepreneurs with making their dream of owning a successful business, a reality. Connect with us today about how we can help you develop an affordable and engaging storefront sign for your unique business with one of our kits.

As Joanna Gaines further wrote in her Instagram post: “I have zero regrets…about stepping out and just going for it—this show, this business, it has our hearts.”